Fibre Fab began in the UK in 1970 – developing a range of products over a 12-year period, many of which were exported to Europe.

With over 30 years of experience in designing and producing a range of products ranging from Spa Baths & Pools to Snow Boards and Trike bodies, Fibre Fab is at the leading edge of fibreglass technology. While concentrating on automotive applications, we have diversified our interests to include most fibreglass products. We endeavour to show that quality fibreglass can be supplied at a fair price.

Customer satisfaction is unreservedly our prime target. The photographs on this site display some of the special creations that Fibre Fab are proud to show as signs of our dedication to change the mundane to the exciting.

'Due to demand Fibre Fab now also undertakes manufacturing and repairs of all fibreglass components'.

Let Us Help You Build Something Special.