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Fibre Fab began in the UK in 1970 – developing a range of products over a 12-year period, many of which were exported to Europe.

With over 30 years of experience in designing and producing a range of products ranging from Spa Baths & Pools to Snow Boards and Trike bodies, Fibre Fab is at the leading edge of fibreglass technology. While concentrating on automotive applications, we have diversified our interests to include most fibreglass products. We endeavour to show that quality fibreglass can be supplied at a fair price.

Customer satisfaction is unreservedly our prime target. The photographs on this site display some of the special creations that Fibre Fab are proud to show as signs of our dedication to change the mundane to the exciting.

Porsche 917
Made by Andrew Keiller

Scratch built Porsche 917 constructed by Andrew Keiller.
Fibreglass body work manufactured by Tony Hill - FibreFab.

Chassis: tubular steel space frame
Fibreglass Body: 1970 Porsche 917
Engine:  Porsche 3.6 flat 6 with 915 gearbox.
Paint: Rhys (Bendigo Retro)

Porsche 906
Made by Tim Keiller

Fibreglass body work manufactured to original specification by Tony Hill - FibreFab.
Chassis and related engineering made to original drawings by Tim Keiller.

Chassis: tubular steel space frame
Fibreglass Body: 1965 Porsche 906 Carrera 6
Engine: Soon to be fitted with Porsche 2.7 flat 6 with 915 gearbox.
Paint: Rhys (Bendigo Retro)

1964 V.W. Beetle

This unique 1964 V.W. Beetle has taken Tony Hill 16 years to create. These are just a few of its attributes:

  • Body has been sectioned 200mm (8”)
  • Red / Gold Pearl paintwork
  • Handmade fibreglass tilt front
  • Handmade fibreglass tilt rear engine cover
  • Handmade dashboard (with help of daughter Sharon)
  • 2.7 litre Turbocharged Chevy Corvair engine (chromed)
  • Full leather interior, Recaro seats
  • Front to back, top to bottom all new rebuild throughout

Honda Gold Wing Trike

Fibreglass bodywork was formed from part of a trike box moulding, a pair of trike guards and assorted flat sheet. Mounted on a square tubular frame, incorporating brackets to bolt on to main chassis for easy removal and replacement.

Fully engineered to meet all ADR requirements this fine machine hails from Cobram, Victoria and the 140 hours involved in the manufacture, painting and trimming of the body work is regarded as time well spent by creator Tony Hill.


Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise began its existence in England way back in 1973. Six months of intensive work took place in 1973 at which time interest waned. In early 1979 a quiet moment at work inspired a bout of chrome cleaning, eureka! Interest returned and building recommenced. Another six months of intensive building and late 1979 saw the completion of Tequila Sunrise.

Chassis : Modified 1964 Triumph Vitesse
Engine : Buick 322 circa 1956
Rear Axle : Jaguar 'S' Type
Fibreglass Body : 1923 Model 'T' Ford
Paint : Metalflake with murals & 22 carat gold leaf pin striping
Interior : Deep buttoned Leather
Wheels : Wolfrace 14"x10" on rear 13"x7" on front
Handmade : Headers, fanbelt shroud, firewall, fender brackets etc.

All engineering and paintwork by Tony Hill
Murals and artwork by Phil Alder, of Reading U.K.

Tequila Sunrise has travelled to car shows in Sweden and Denmark as well as being shown at all the top English Car Shows, it has been seen on television in Canada and England as well as Australia.


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VW Custom Baja Vehicle
Ford Fairlane Style Modified AU

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